Nvidia mx130 vs mx350 Benchmark test

Nvidia mx130 vs mx350 Benchmark take a look at

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NVIDIA mx130 vs mx350

The nvidia mx130 and mx350 are two very good  graphics cards for comparison.  mx350 is  on pascal architecture and mx130 is on  MAXWELL architecture  . mx130  are   GM108-based GPUs and mx350 are   GP107-based GPUs. MX350 have TDP of 30 and mx130 have TDP of 25W. There is  difference is in their clock speed. clock speed of mx130 is 1122 MHz-1242 MHz and mx350 is 1227MHz – 1468MHz these are the  difference in both these GPU’s . See all configurations with

Specs overview

The GeForce mx130 are MAXWELL GPU and GeForce mx350 are Pascal GPU. Mx350 are based on the  GP107 chip and mx130 is based on GM108 .they both are mobile GPU’s which is used in mostly for better battery life and mx350 has TDP of  25W and mx130 has 30W

The GeForce mx130 has 8 ROPs, 2GB or 4GB GDDR5 memory and a 64-bit memory bus. It has a 25W TDP and the base and boost frequencies are 1122 MHz/1242 MHz and the memory speed is  1253 MHz for the memory.

The GeForce mx350 has 16 ROPs, 64 bit memory bus , and 25W TDP and the base and boost frequencies are 1354MHz / 1468 MHz . and the memory speed is  1752 MHz for the memory.

GPU comparability desk Nvidia mx130 vs mx350

Geforce mx130Geforce mx350
GPU chipGM108GP107
Base Clock (MHz)11221354
Enhance clock (MHz)12421468
Reminiscence clock (MHz)12531752
Reminiscence dimension (GB)2GB OR 4GB2GB OR 4GB
Reminiscence sortGDDR5GDDR5
Reminiscence bus width (bit)6464
DirectX model12.0(11_0)12.0(12_1)
Launch dateQ2.2017Q1.2020


Results are from the 3DMark: Fire Strike (Graphics) benchmark (higher the score, the better)

vs MX350
3Dmark Fireplace Strike (G)Unigine Heaven 3.0Common distinction
NVIDIA GeForce mx35040745212.07
NVIDIA GeForce mx1302345289.10

Gaming tests

Let’s put the synthetic tests aside because the real-life gaming tests are much more important.

farcry 24laptop.in
Far Cry 5HD, lowHD, mediumHD, excessive
NVIDIA GeForce  MX13030 fps25fps10-17fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX35054 fps45 fps30-34 fps


rise of tomb raider 24laptop.in
HD, lowHD, mediumHD, excessive
NVIDIA GeForce  MX13046 fps29 fps22 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX35068 fps57 fps42 fps
gta 5 24laptop.in
GTA 5HD, low HD,mediumHD, excessive
NVIDIA GeForce  MX13095 fps85 fps45 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX350155 fps143 fps80 fps
shadow of tomb raider 24laptop.in
HD, lowHD,mediumHD, excessive
NVIDIA GeForce  MX13035fps30 fps25 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX35060 fps54 fps40 fps


Efficiency abstract (Gaming test)

MX130 AND MX350
HD, lowHD, mediumHD, excessive
NVIDIA GeForce  MX13040 fps35 fps25 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX35075 fps63 fps53 fps

Let’s see the results from all tests. When Max settings are applied, the difference between those two GPUs is just 20%.


NVIDIA MX130 vs MX350

The performance of both the GPU mx350 and mx130 are different but not very different enough there is some 20-25 fps difference  in real life gaming you  feel the difference when you are playing very high graphics demanding games .If you are playing less demanding games like GTA 5 both of them can handle GTA 5 very well in 768p medium -high setting

The difference is only of frequency in both of them mx130 is higher clock than mx350 and memory is  faster in mx350 as compare to mx130 .mx350 have almost double of CUDA Cores in mx130  so  mx350 perform better than mx130 .


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