NVIDIA MX250 vs MX150 Benchmark Test

NVIDIA mx250 vs mx50 – the full-blown mx150 is much closer than you think

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The NVIDIA mx250 and mx150 are two very suitable graphics cards for comparison. They are both pascal architecture and GP108-based GPUs. The idea is to see how much closer is the mx150 when compared newer mx250. they both have same architecture have same TDP of 25 . but the difference is in their clock speed. clock speed of mx250 is 1519 MHz-1582 MHz and mx150 is 1227MHz – 1468MHz this is the only difference in both these gpu’s .but it makes m250 18% faster than mx150.

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Specs overview

The geforce mx250 and geforce mx150 are pascal GPUs. They both are based on the same GP108 chip .they both come in two version one with lower tdp 10W which is used in mostly notebooks for better battery life and higher tdp 25W which is high performance chip which we are going to compare here.

The geforce mx250is equipped with 16 ROPs, 2GB or 4GB GDDR5 memory and a 64-bit memory bus. It has a 25W TDP and the base and boost frequencies are 1519MHz / 1582MHz. We have 1752 MHz for the memory.

So, the geforce hasdame shaders, more ROPs, memory bus, and video memory. The geforce mx150 has lower memory frequencies of 1502 MHz and its TDP is also same

Now, it is time for our benchmarks.

GPU comparison table

  Geforce mx250 Geforce mx150
Architecture pascal pascal
GPU chip GP108 GP108
CORES 384 384
ROPs 16 16
Base Clock (MHz) 1519 1227
Boost clock (MHz) 1582 1468
Memory clock (MHz) 1752 1502
Memory size (GB) 2GB OR 4GB 2GB OR 4GB
Memory type GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory bus width (bit) 64 64
TDP 25W 25W
DirectX version 12_1 12_1
Technology 14nm 14nm
Release date Q1.2019 Q2.2017

Synthetic benchmarks

Results are from the 3DMark: Fire Strike (Graphics) benchmark (higher the score, the better)

vs MX150
3Dmark Fire Strike (G) Unigine Heaven 3.0 Average difference
NVIDIA GeForce mx150 3488 42 10.68
NVIDIA GeForce mx250 3677 44 12.63

Gaming tests

Let’s put the synthetic tests aside because the real-life gaming tests are much more important.

farcry 24laptop.in
Far Cry 5 HD, low HD, medium HD, high
NVIDIA GeForce  MX250 45 fps 39 fps 23-30 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX150 40 fps 35 fps 20-24 fps


rise of tomb raider 24laptop.in
HD, low HD, medium HD, high
NVIDIA GeForce  MX250 71 fps 40 fps 35 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX150 65 fps 37 fps 32 fps
gta 5 24laptop.in
GTA 5 HD, low  HD,medium HD, high
NVIDIA GeForce  MX250 110 fps 101 fps 60 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX150 135 fps 123 fps 60 fps

I know you are thinking that mx150 is performing better than mx250 its due GTA 5 is very well optimised for mx150 by their new drivers but mx250 is not very well optimised for that that’s why mx150 perform better here

shadow of tomb raider 24laptop.in
HD, low HD,medium HD, high
NVIDIA GeForce  MX250 35 fps 30 fps 24-25 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX150 45 fps 39 fps 30 fps


Performance summary (gaming tests)

MX250 AND MX150
HD, low HD, medium HD, high
NVIDIA GeForce  MX250 60 fps ( 45 fps 35 fps
NVIDIA GeForce  MX150 70 fps 53 fps 43 fps

Let’s see the average results from all tests. When Max settings are applied, the difference between those two GPUs is just 8%.


NVIDIA MX250 vs MX150

The performance of both the gpu mx150 nd mx250 are close enough there is only 5-8 fps difference  in real life gaming you want’t feel any difference if you are playing less demanding games like GTA 5 both of them can handle GTA 5 very well in 768p high setting

The difference is only of frequency in both of them mx 250 is higher clock than mx150 and then is also faster in mx250 as compare to mx150 .but mx510 perfor better than mx250 due to the new driver . but don’t worry when new drw optimised drivers of mx250 get released it performs better than mx150 .

I know that we overclock gpu frequency in mx150 to match the frequency of  mx250 you can do this if you have mx150 it will impact on your fps but it produce lot of heat so arrange some cooling thing which can cool your laptop

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